Lactation Calculator - Instructions

Welcome to the Lactation Calculator

Please note this is an early version -- error checking and validation are not fully functional.


When entering weights, put in pounds & ounces OR grams (not both) and let the Lactation Calculator do the conversion for you! The conversion is based on 1oz=28.3495g.

Proceed through the screen in order.

Press "Submit" at each stage only once.

If you make an error during input, press "Clear", then enter the correct values and press "Submit" again.

When the test weight is completed, the TOTAL AMOUNT TRANSFERRED will show in the green box.

If you wish, you can email the report to yourself to have a more permanent record. Once you hit SEND the values on the screen will CLEAR and a report with all the data you entered will go to email you entered. You may only email once.

If you do not need a report, the data will stay in the fields until you leave the screen. If you close the screen, all data will be lost.

To start calculations with a new baby, press "Clear All" at the bottom of the page before starting over.

To start calculations with a new baby, press "Clear All" near the end of the page to clear all the fields on the screen before starting over.

If you have problems with this program please report to